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T. Wainwright Miller Scholarship

The T. Wainwright Miller, Jr. Florida Mosquito Control Association Scholarship is managed and awarded by the Foundation. The purpose of the Scholarship is to encourage and assist students having a major in Biological, Ecological and/or Entomological studies who are seeking degrees relevant to arthropod control, with particular emphasis on Public Health fields. First place recipients will receive a one-time scholarship award of $2,000.00, while second place recipients will receive $500.00.

T. Wainwright Miller, a fourth generation Floridian, began his public service career at the age of 14, spending two years in Washington D.C. in the House of Representatives under the wing of Congressman Joe Hendricks. Born in Clearwater and raised in Kissimmee, he served in the U.S. Army during World War II before earning a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Georgia Tech in Atlanta. In 1988, he was awarded an honorary doctorate of Business Administration by Carson-Newman College in Jefferson City, Tennessee. He is a Registered Professional Engineer in Florida, Louisiana, and Massachusetts. Mr. Miller moved to Ft. Myers in 1956, where he helped establish the Lee County Mosquito Control District and administered programs in Lee County for mosquito and aquatic weed control until his retirement in 1994. He served as President of the Florida Anti-Mosquito Association and the Aquatic Plant Management Society and served as Secretary for both organizations for ten years. He also served as Secretary of the American Mosquito Control Association for seven years. He was named Engineer of the Year by the Calusa Chapter of the American Society of Civil engineers in 1989, and again by the Southwest Florida Chapter in 1993. Also in 1993 he was named to the Hall of Success at Georgia Tech and in 1997 was inducted into the Engineering Hall of Fame. Mr. Miller has served as Trustee, President and CEO of the John E. and Aliese Price Foundation since 1983.

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Previous Winners of the T. Wainwright Miller, Jr. FMCA Scholarship

Year Awarded   Award Recipient Affiliation
2008 1st Place Stephanie Larrick University of Florida
2008 2nd Place           Whitney Swan University of Florida
2009 1st Place Aaron Lloyd University of Florida
2009 2nd Place Whitney Swan University of Florida
2010 1st Place Natasha Marie Elejalde  University of Florida
2010 2nd Place Sheri Anderson University of Florida
2011 1st Place Ali Messenger University of Florida
2011 2nd Place Whitney Swan University of Florida
2012 1st Place Kylie Zirbel University of Florida
2012 2nd Place Eva Buckner University of Florida
2013 1st Place Eva Buckner University of Florida
2013 2nd Place Robert Aldridge University of Florida
2013 2nd Place Kylie Zirbel University of Florida
2014 1st Place Jill Ulrich University of Miami
2015 1st Place Catherine Pruszynski Florida Keys Mosquito Control 
2016  1st Place  Rebecca Zimler University of Florida 

Cyrus R. Lesser Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Cyrus R. Lesser Memorial Scholarship Fund is managed and awarded by the Florida Mosquito Control Foundation. The purpose of the scholarship is to foster future learning in the field of mosquito control and vector biology. Awards will be made annually and governed by five (5) trustees of various mosquito control entities. The trustees shall make selections after review of all applications, without consideration towards sex, race, age, or religion. This Scholarship shall be awarded to the recipients at the Florida Mosquito Control Association Fall Annual Meeting in November each year. The annual award is $2,000.00.

Cyrus R. Lesser worked in the field of mosquito control for 38 years until his unexpected passing in 2007. Cy started his career in the State of Maryland as the Biologist for the Mosquito Control Section, later as the Program Manager and finally as Chief of Operations. Cy was also past President of the American Mosquito Control Association, served on the Board of Directors for the AMCA for 6 years, and held numerous professional awards and recognitions. Cy was a forward-thinker, a leader and an invaluable industry resource and mentor. In memory of Cy, members of the profession, industry, and family established this scholarship to support graduate and/or undergraduate research in the field of operational mosquito control.

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Previous Winners of the Cy Lesser FMCA Scholarship

Year Awarded Recipient Affiliation
2015 Casey Parker University of Florida
2016                               Robert Aldridge        USDA/ARS/CMAVE

Application Information and On-Line Application Form

Please read the instructions below and click the "APPLY HERE" button submit an application for an FMCA Scholarship.

Online applications and college or university transcipts must received no later than September 15th, 2017 to be considered. Make sure to plan extra time for the transcripts to be received by the deadline since they have to be mailed from the University.

You must complete this application,
IN ITS ENTIRETY, once you begin the process. YOU CANNOT save your entered data and return at a later time to complete the submission.

You will need the following information to complete this submission; please have this information readily available:

  • Overall Grade Point Average

  • Major Grade Point Average

  • Credit Hours Completed

You will have the opportunity to upload the following supporting documentation; please have these items ready to upload.

  • Proof of current enrollment at a Florida College or University.

  • One color headshot photograph of the applicant.

  • Statement from the student describing their interest in public health entomology, career goals, and other factors pertinent to scholastic ability which illustrate qualifications for the scholarship (limited to two typewritten pages [single or double-spaced] on one side only).

You will also need typewritten statements from three (3) persons (two of which are from professors from the person’s academic institution) who are knowledgeable individuals attesting to your entomological interests, character, and aptitude. Upon completion of this application, you will receive a confirmation email with a website link that you can forward to the individuals writing the statements. They can use this link to upload the supporting statements.

Appropriate file formats for upload include: DOC, DOCX, PDF, RTF, TXT, ODF, JPG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, or PNG and file sizes are restricted to 5 Mb each. Please have these documents available BEFORE beginning the submission process.

You will be recieve an email confirming receipt of your application and that supporting documents have been successfully submitted to the FMCA.

For more information please contact:

Roxanne Connelly
University of Florida
200 9th Street SE
Vero Beach, FL 32962
phone: 772-778-7200 ext 172
fax: 772-778-7205


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