2019 Tallahassee Days

2019 Tallahassee Days
Registration is required but there is no fee. See below for Details

Tallahassee Days - March 18th & 19th, 2019

What is Tallahassee Days?

Each year, FMCA members go to Tallahassee to meet with state legislators (or their aides) to encourage them to continue to support funding for mosquito control in Florida.  Over the past several years, this has been a request totaling $2.66 million dollars, which includes $1.66M to support individual programs, $500K for a competitive research grant program and $500K to support three positions at the Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory who are working on subjects relevant to mosquito control. 

Why should you attend?

Does your program receive state funding or benefit from the research projects funded each year?  If so, we need your voice in Tallahassee to share with your legislators the strong need for their continued support, to ensure your program continues to receive state funding to support your efforts and protect public health!   

Tallahassee Days Schedule

March 18th – Arrive at Georgio’s restaurant at 6 pm to update all participants on the important topics, review the talking points and receive the latest team assignments with the legislators.

March 19th – A full day of visiting our legislators at the Capitol complex.

Registration Information

There is no registration fee for this event.  However, we would like for you to register as an attendee on the FMCA Events website.

Hotel Accommodations

Residence Inn Tallahassee Universities at the Capitol
600 W Gaines Street, Tallahassee

IMPORTANT: FMCA has secured 30 rooms at the Residence Inn Tallahassee Universities at the Capitol at the block rate of $184 plus applicable taxes per night, which includes parking.  For phone reservations, contact 1-800-331-3131. BE SURE TO TELL THEM THE GROUP ROOM BLOCK IS UNDER TALLAMOSQUITO.

3/18/2019 - 3/19/2019

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