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The Florida Mosquito Control Association's (FMCA) primary mission is to promote effective and environmentally sound control of disease-transmitting and pestiferous mosquitoes and other arthropods of public health importance, develop and enhance public interest, awareness, and support for the control of mosquitoes, and provide for the scientific advancement of members through our meetings, training and education.


NEW!! Announcing the Collier County Mosquito Control 66th Anniversary Open House!

NEW!! The 2016 FMCA Fall Meeting First Call for Papers (PDF) has been posted.

NEW!! The 2015 FMCA Fall Meeting Survey Results (PDF) has been posted.

NEW!! The FMCA Technical Bulletin #10 (PDF) has been posted.

NEW!! ZIKA virus information from the Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory.

NEW!! Additional ZIKA virus information from the Mosquito Information Website.

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